The iMAGiNE consortium provides tools, methodologies, and knowledge for engineering the machines that support intelligent applications, from the smallest circuits to the largest systems. Machine learning, reasoning, and understanding from cloud to edge.



iMAGiNE brings together faculty experts and researchers working on cutting-edge technology from devices and circuits, to hardware accelerators and the software systems running on them, while advancing the development of intelligent systems for rich data collection, machine learning, and smart sensing/actuation. 

Whether it is intelligence in the cloud or on the edge, intelligent machines and applications running on them need to be:


Almost every aspect of how we live or interact with others relies on or uses data-rich applications that must intelligently use and process this data wherever and whenever it becomes available.


Established intelligent applications like image or speech/text recognition, or anticipated ones like fully-autonomous driving or human mobility tracking or prediction, need to react in real-time to availability of new data for learning and efficiently performing prediction in the field.

Energy efficient

Intelligent applications can truly become ubiquitous and effectively operate wherever and whenever devices and data become available only if they rely on minimal resource usage and energy cost.


To support the cloud-edge continuum and the applications running on them, iMAGiNE is organized in three thrusts:





Industrial Affiliates